Can Mattresses Help Insomniacs Getting Better Sleep?

Whenever we think about a sound sleep, the first thing that would come to our mind is the place to sleep on. This abstract idea is already informing us that our sleep is somehow linked with the bed and mattress we use.

What does the research say?

Well, if you want a clear-cut answer about the link between insomniac behavior and mattress, then you will not find one. 

It’s still a grey matter, with no single answers. The surveys conducted by several manufacturers and psychologists were done in different situations. That is why it is not easy to pick up a clear answer.

What are the factors affecting sleep?

Listing down all the factors that affect sleep can make it easier to understand the role of mattresses to help insomniacs get better sleep. 

  • It is your environment. A camper can easily sleep in the woods, while a school going kid will find it difficult to sleep on hard surface.
  • Second, on this list are sleeping accessories. Supportive cushions, pillows, and mattresses can help in a sound sleep even if they are by some best off brand foam mattresses
  • Mental stress can be a cause of sleep deprivation. And for this cause, only some clinical psychologists can help you.

Sometimes, it is the combination of all these factors. For instance, the environment is only an aggravating factor for insomnia, which is directly linked with the sleeping accessories.

What factors to consider in a mattress to treat insomnia?

Claiming that a mattress can solve all your sleep deprivation issues would not be accurate. There are several combining and aggravating factors for this. However, picking up a nice memory foam can help you get a sound sleep.

·         It should not be an old mattress.

An old mattress will not help you get a good night’s sleep. The maximum life span of a mattress is seven to ten years. After that, you should not use it. It will only cause backache, with a lot of sinking issues.

·         Think about personal preference

Ask yourself, what is the kind of surface you would love to sleep on? Personal preferences can help to get the best mattress for you.

Some people prefer soft and squishy mattresses, such as plush mattresses. On the other hand, you will see many people dying to have a rigid mattress.

·         Your sleeping positions

It is always better to test the mattress. Simply lie down on the mattress in your favorite sleep position and check if it suits you.

Although there are several other factors to consider when purchasing a mattress, we have considered only those related to sleep deprivation.

Other factors that can help in a sound sleep

After purchasing the best mattress, it is time to check your way of handling. You cannot expect a sound sleep without a clean mattress. The following are some tips to ensure a clean mattress for a sound sleep.

  • Do not eat on your bed. It will make your bed linen and mattress smelly. Thus, affecting your sleep.
  • Do not let anybody jump on the mattress. Even the toughest spring mattresses can get damaged if not used in the right way.
  • Keep your bed and mattress clean to avoid any inconvenience.


Mattresses can help in minimizing insomnia. However, we cannot declare them as the only solution to fix it. Buying a new mattress can help you get better sleep when all other factors are under contro